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Concurrent, unique visitor - a person who visited a website for a certain period of time (traditionally a day). If later in the same period of time this visitor enters the site again, it will no longer be unique.

Engaged time – the average time in seconds that visitors spend actively interacting with the content on the website - scrolling, mouse movements, keystrokes, touch actions.

Key indicators of analytics – the data on online media presented on They give information about traffic sources, page views, unique users, engaged time and user location for a certain period of time.

Location - the determination of location of the website users.

Number of unique visitors - one of the main parameters of web analytics in quantitative research of the website audience. - the website created within the project for displaying key indicators of web analytics of online media participating in the project. Data is provided in real time.

Operator of the project - the operational activities for the organization and coordination of the project in Kazakhstan are carried out by the NGO "Kazakhstan Press Club". It is a leading public relations consulting company with over 20 years’ experience in the media market.

Page view - the total number of views of a specific page of the site per day.

The Board of Trustees - the elected body that is a form of collegial management. It carries out functions of monitoring and control of project implementation to ensure transparency and respect for the interests of players in the market. The Board of Trustees is represented by professional market participants - media experts and IT specialists.

The project - the program “Chartbeat Technologies for the Measurement of Online Media Audiences to Strengthen Kazakh Journalism” is being implemented in Kazakhstan with the support of the Innovation Fund through the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. The goal of the project is to increase the professionalism of the media and the transparency of the media market by training and applying advanced technologies for measuring Chartbeat data in the work of editorial offices. The project is designed for 12 months, 25 media selected during the competition get access to the use of Chartbeat services for free.

The project participant - the winning domestic online media that won the competition and is among the finalists, and has the opportunity to use the Chartbeat tools in editorial office for free throughout the year.

Recirculation - the percentage of users who, after the reading of one article, go to another page of the site. Recycling is inversely proportional to the bounce rate, i.e. the percentage of readers who have left the site without going to other pages and not carrying out any action.

Traffic source - the channels through which visitors come to the website. The site indicates the following types of sources - social networks, search engines, internal links, direct transition.

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